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If you go on and re-post your fic elsewhere?

I wish people who choose to de-anon would also get in the habit of systematically making this clear on the kinkmeme itself, just to make sure the word has a way to spread other than 'some people know' or 'if you know the author, you'll see they just reposted a thing you read on the meme last month/year' (because that doesn't serve to inform all those who only read it on the meme..).
Oh, that is such a good point! Thanks for making it; I'll leave notes in the kinkmeme that the work -- same title, or I'll add the new title -- can be found at the Archive of Our Own. That way, it remains "anon" for the purpose of the 'meme but allows finding it in a finished fashion, or tracking the author, and so on.
Yes please! Doing this is a *fabulous* and easy way to insure the info can spread. And if the work has been orphaned at the AO3, it can even be reposted after editing / all in one place *and stay anon*! :D
Thanks to [personal profile] anatsuno for the initial impetus!


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