Olivia/Astrid, urine play

Date: 2011-05-26 02:26 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Astrid shrieks and giggles when Olivia catches her in the narrow hallway in her apartment, arms around her waist and lips on her neck. She leans back into Olivia's arms, twists to meet her lips. After a long moment she squirms in Olivia's arms, tries to pull away.

"Going somewhere?"

"Trying to."

Astrid shivers when Olivia sucks her earlobe into her mouth, tugs on the little silver ring with her teeth. Olivia's breath is hot on her skin, low vibrations against her ear when she whispers, "Need some help with that?"

Astrid starts walking towards the bathroom again, dragging Olivia along with her. By the time they're through the door Olivia has Astrid's slacks unzipped, hand in her panties. Astrid groans out Olivia's name and kicks the door closed, giving them space to stand in the tiny room. She feels Olivia grin against her neck.

Astrid turns and loops her arm around Olivia's neck, pulling the taller woman down for a kiss that turns wet and sloppy after a few seconds. Olivia licks at Astrid's mouth, slides her hands under Astrid's shirt and pushes it up. They break for air, for room to get her shirt over her head, and Olivia grins at her, raises an eyebrow.

Astrid grins back and pushes her pants down, kicks her shoes away. Olivia starts on her own clothing, adding them to the pile at Astrid's feet. When she's naked, Astrid steps backwards into the little shower, crooking her finger at Olivia.

Olivia's across the room in two long steps, crowding against her, running her hands over Astrid's body. Astrid leans back against the cold tile and hums, tangles her fingers in Olivia's hair. She still tastes faintly of chapstick and coffee when Astrid sucks her tongue into her mouth. Olivia leans her forehead against Astrid's and looks down between them. Her fingers flex, just slightly against Astrid's folds. She lets her eyes flutter closed, sighs as she relaxes.

The sound of liquid splattering in the tub seems loud, unnervingly loud, but it's tempered by the content little sound Olivia makes. The way her fingers are cupped holds the piss against Astrid's folds before it spills out of Olivia's hand. It's hot, scorching on her skin, cooling rapidly as it runs down her legs. The smell is bitter - too much coffee over the course of the day. It's not unpleasant, though, especially not mixed with the faint musk of Olivia's skin, the spicy shampoo she uses. It's a sharp, healthy scent.

Astrid sighs again as she finishes, drops her hands to Olivia's hips and pulls her until she's straddling one of Astrid's legs. The heat hits her and Astrid's fingers tighten as the liquid courses over her leg, tracing hot paths to the floor. Olivia ducks her head, lips slick and open against Astrid's. Astrid hums into Olivia's mouth, gasps when she rubs herself on Astrid's slick thigh. Soon she'll reach for the water, wash away the piss that pools at their feet, the remnants of the day that cling to them. They'll stand under the water until it runs cold then they'll chase away their shivers in Astrid's bed. Now though, Astrid kisses Olivia until she's breathless and holds their slick bodies together.
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