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Since the set-up of this holiday gift exchange makes it a bit more challenging to navigate from the get-go, I felt I should at least collect for your convenience:

Fringe Secret Santa - Masterlist of Works

19 December 2011

The One Where Olivia Is Bored (1/1), written for [personal profile] ceitie
[It's a quiet day at Fringe Division. Alt!Team...or is it? Spoilers for early Season Three. Takes place Over There between "The Plateau" and "Amber 31422"]

Set Us Spinning (2/2), written for [personal profile] kerithwyn
[With all three of them, it feels a lot less like power games and a lot more like a team effort. Blue!Amber!Olivia/Lincoln/Astrid. Spoilers up to 4x07.]

20 December 2011

Class Twelve (offsite), written for [personal profile] mrs_nerimon
[The day the Altverse ends. Alt!Olivia/Alt!Lincoln (with bonus Team). Set Over There in the Amber!verse in a post-"Wallflower" future.]

Snow and Lights (1/1), written for [personal profile] rainer76
[Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Peter/Olivia. Timeline nebulous (but very nice :)]

21 December

Now and Then - or how the Woolly Mammoth was Completely Wrong (3/3), written for [profile] yahtzee63
[The thing is: the first time Astrid meets Walter Bishop he pushes her into oncoming traffic. Astrid, Walter, and their backstory. Gen.]

Turn My Heresy Into Gospel (offsite), written for [personal profile] pukajen
["It's too late." Peter/Olivia. Set after "Jacksonville". <3]

A Slip in Time Saves Nine, written for [personal profile] norgbelulah (2/2)
[I blame this on marathoning entirely too much Farscape (is there even such a thing?). Olivia/Lincoln/Peter, Amber!verse. Spoilers for S4, up to and including Wallflower.]

22 December

Untitled, written for [profile] tvnut014
[Peter's first thought wasn't a thought as such, more an automatic response to stay alive: flailing his arms, kicking his legs, and then a deep gasp of air as his head broke the surface of the water. Peter/Olivia, spoilers for Season Four]

23 December

Superhero Hype, written for [personal profile] ziparumpazoo
[Everybody needs an alter-ego. Lincoln, Astrid. Set in the Amberverse/new timeline/whatever you would like to call it.]

24 December

Team Building Exercise, written for [personal profile] elfin
[The team that plays together stays together, as far as Lincoln's concerned. Alt!Lincoln/Alt!Olivia/Alt!Charlie. Spoilers: Up until and including "Entrada" in the 3rd season.]

Mistletoe, Peter/Olivia fic for [personal profile] biodamped (stocking stuffer)

4 x Season Four icons, made for [personal profile] biodamped (stocking stuffer)

Inspired by True Events, written for [personal profile] alizarin_nyc
[For a top-secret division, they were pretty easy to find once he had the camera feeds in hand. Gen. Spoilers for 4x01]

Stocking Stuffer of Utter Awesomeness, written for [personal profile] monanotlisa
[There’s a picture of Captain Lee taken when he was sixteen, body coltish, hair plastered to his forehead, braces on his teeth. Alt!Olivia, Alt!Lincoln. Pre-canon for the Alt!verse.]

4 x Icons of earlier seasons, made for [personal profile] monanotlisa (stocking stuffer)

A Very Empty Room, written for [personal profile] wendelah1
[There’s a room in the back of her apartment that Olivia has never used. Alt!Liv, Alt!Lincoln. Set in Season Four.]

25 December 2011

Untitled, written for [personal profile] biodamped
[Olivia Dunham was sitting at her desk in the main area of Fringe Division. Peter/Olivia. No spoiler warnings given.]

ETA: And we're done! Thank you all for contributing!

By the way, this ain't the kinkmeme proper, after all, just the venue. Do feel free to comment as yourself and not anonymously -- in fact it'd be preferable if the author knew that the recipient of her gift did not drop dead at the sight of the story, or promptly emigrated to Vladivostok.

In general, guys, it's the Western-world holiday season and a small fandom, so --

feedback if you can? Much love to you if you do.


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From: [personal profile] wendelah1
I am wondering if there is going to be Fringe Secret Santa this year.


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